My name is Paula, the journey of my well-being business began when I started attending yoga classes regularly during a stressful and challenging time.  It was the only one thing that made me feel calm, energised and have such clarity of the mind that I needed to discover more. Enjoying fitness also, it appealed to me to signed myself up to the Yoga teacher training with the encouragement of my Yoga teacher.   

I remember the words 'once you embark on this journey, there is no going back, your life is going to change'.   Here I am now, my life has had positive and sobering transformations, I have gone on to study/practice further health therapies - mindfulness, meditation, massage and aromatherapy. I have a solid understanding of well-being, supporting mental and physical health via the different services I provide.  It has been rewarding on so many levels, supporting and connecting with individuals who come my way to enhance their health, seeing their journey of transformation.

Long may this continue.


Your Health & Wellness Matter


Live With Passion & Purpose